Hi there – or rather Shalom!

My name is Susie G. I blog. I also Jew. I also fashion.

This blog is about the ridiculous-ness of the following: the current state of online media, consumer culture and my life.

Enjoy – or not,

S x

Susie G

Born in Philadelphia, PA.
Grew up in Bucks County, PA.
School in Boston, MA.
Worked and studied in London + Edinburgh, UK.

Now in NYC.

Blogging since 2007 via CLICK/CLASH, Susie G is an Ashkenazi urbanista. Former editor at StyleCaster.com and Creative at VICE, she has contributed and still writes for a few outlets including Vice.com, StyleCaster.com, ThePopManifesto.com, BeautyHigh.com, SocietePerrier.com, Karmaloop’s Miss KL Blog, 80%20 Shoes Blog, and LadiesLotto.com.

Currently, her bags include fashion films, music, Korean dramas on Hulu, traveling abroad, contemporary art, surrealism, high fashion department stores worldwide (think Lane Crawford, Selfridges, Printemps), heritage brands, fashion weeks outside of the big four, DJing, and finding the oh-so-illusive “perfect apartment”.

She’s got a Tumblr too: http://www.susannurit.tumblr.com

Posts and entries on this blog do not reflect the views of Susie G’s employers.

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