I Rainbow B’Dazzled the Shit Out of Some Teva Sandals.

Last week, I got invited to Teva‘s spring/summer 2015 preview in NYC. At the event, there was your usual stuff you’d find at a fashion preview – pretty girl DJ, lanky models wearing the new gear, mini sized snacks and drinks delivered by people dressed in head-to-toe black…But one thing that was pretty great to see was a little DIY table going on where guests who were gifted a pair of Teva sandals could go ahead and customize their flippity flops.

The idea of customizing your pair of sandals sounded pretty interesting I might say, so I sat down, chatted up with one of the Teva creative brains and got the inspiration to put a shit load of gem stones on the sides of the soles. Why? Why the eff not?!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.11.52 AM

Have you ever seen a crazy amount of gems on the soles of sandals before? And we’re not talking about those super flat sandals here – we’re talking about FLATFORMS.

So, thanks to some super glue (which you could easily find at any craft store) and a bunch of plastic gem stones (along with some creative flair), I decided to go Lisa Frank on these guys and b’dazzle a rainbow color pattern onto them.

Altogether, the shoes took me 5 hours to do, after having to stop that night and start again a few days later which also involved re-organizing all the gem stones (which you could also buy at a craft store – or like anything else, the Internet) that I dumped into my bag from the event.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.13.29 AM

A few tips if you attempt to do this at home:

– Make sure you have plenty of space to organize and lay out all the gems

– Crack open the window or else the stank from the glue is going to make you feel all sorts of barf

– Lay down some old newspapers on the table or a disposable table cloth for easy clean-up

Rainbow B'Dazzle 4eva

Now I’m waiting for spring to start rocking these, as I don’t want my shiny babies getting ruined in the snow/rain combo we seem to be getting here in NYC these days. But in terms of lewks, I think I’d rock this with a “Sporty Rainbow Raver in the City” vibe.

Can’t picture it? Well then check out this picture, and let me know what you think of the outfit and/or the shoes in the comments below.



Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel, $695

Cropped Pants: H&M Imitation Leather Pants, $34.95

Baseball Hat: Lids Top of the World Relaxer Slouch, $16.95

“Super” Tee: ShopSuperStreet.com White Long-Sleeve Tee, N/A

Watch: Timex® Men’s Classic Digital Gold-Tone Expansion Band Watch #T78677, $27.22

Sunglasses: H&M Circa 2006 (I know…), N/A

Shoes: Teva Flatform Universal in Black/Red, $50

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